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Land Transportation Solutions

Forthcrs can customize its reservations management and ticketing software platform for the management of bookings and ticket sales for land surface transport means: railway operators and interurban bus lines.

It is based on extremely high level of user-friendly parametrically configurable features. The system ties together reservation-distribution with the internal organization and policy of the transport operators supporting them to increase sales and to acquire great flexibility and control across the entire range of all critical management functions.

Main Features:

  • Multiple bus / track management.
  • Complex Route Management supporting intermodal agreements
  • Open Date Return and Open Roundtrip reservations with separate sales rules and settings.
  • Passenger Accommodation management for unlimited types of airplanes with dynamic graphic representations of the seat structures.
  • Class of services management with pricing method settings (ie. Scale pricing, number of seats per class etc)
  • Agent definition with extremely versatile Allotment, Option Dates and User Access rights settings.
  • Central administration for alterations of open route plans: timetables, allotments, pricelists, discounts, bus/wagon changes  on the fly.
  • Automatic Itinerary Modifications functions  including the re-arrangement of reserved-issued tickets in case of schedule cancelations.
  • Automates Waiting List functionality with easy setup depending on every route policy and needs  
  • Dynamic pricing definition with numerous pre-set rules.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs and Loyalty Card management.
  • Highly advanced Group reservation management with 5 levels of reservation status.
  • Full historical data lookup by reservation, passenger, agent etc.
  • Large selection of reports and statistics.
  • Integration with external interfaces through XML API, EDI-protocols, etc.
  • Possibility of reservation distribution in code sharing with other Companies.
  • Packaging with other services on-board
  • Dynamic Packaging with hotels - additional services and much, much more..
  • Multiple sales interfaces available: GUI, WEB B2B – B2C - B2B2C and Affiliation, Call Centre, etc.
  • Web-checkin interface with user friendly selection of seat planning.

Solutions can be adapted and customized to the operator specific needs.

For detailed additional information please contact our sales representatives.